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Know a child who loves sparkle, pretty things, to paint, and to play with water? If the answer is yes, then these paintable heart mini kits are perfect. 


Each kit comes with a resin heart poured by me (appx. 2.5 in x 2.5 in), a paint brush, and non-toxic acrylic paint. Instructions are also included on the personalized tag. 


The heart is beautiful and perfect on its own and can be used as a decoration, for pretend play, but can also be painted again and again! Just wash in room temperature water with soap, dry it, and repeat! 


These make perfect class gifts and party favors! 


They are available in bundles of 10 and 5. 





Resin Paintable Heart Mini-Kit

  • The products are intended for children ages 3+ who no longer mouth items. Contains choking hazards. Parent supervision required. By purchasing, you are acknowledging that you have read this disclaimer, are accepting any risk and releasing My Sensory Celebrations, LLC from any and all liability. 

    Resin: Warning: Letters should not be licked, chewed on, or put into the mouth of a child or pet. The cured resin heart is safe to use in room temp water such as the pool or mud kitchen, but should not be submerged in the bath or hot tub. They can be used in cool or room temperature water. We are not responsible for the misuse of products and adult supervision is always required.

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