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Let us do the Planning and You Have the Fun!

Sensory Parties, Play Dates, Gifts and More

Welcome to My Sensory Celebrations! We're so glad you're here! Come explore our catalog of sensory play items, ranging from Sensory Bin Kits to awesome sensory party favors and more! Also, if you are in the Austin, TX area, book a Sensory Party Package and make sure you check out one of our themed Sensory Play Dates!


Our Origins

Experiences Created with Love

My Sensory Celebrations is a small, woman, and mom owned business, that was created out of love during the pandemic as a way to offer easy, fun, and educational activities for friends and family who were trying to work, raise children, cook, clean, etc. all without the help of the village we were told is necessary to survive when having kids. 

Our shop offers high quality, hand-crafted sensory kits and products. 

As the world opened up, so did our business! We now focus on in person sensory play experiences, including Sensory Parties and Play Dates in Austin, Texas!


Sensory play provides people of all ages the opportunity to explore and learn through hands-on tactile play that engages their senses. This type of play helps to build nerve connections in the brain, encourages the development of fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving, scientific thinking, social interaction and supports language development. It's also just a ton of fun, and can be very calming. 

Sensory parties are unique and personal; kits and products make great gifts for any occasion and are excellent to bring in a suitcase on vacation!

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